Men ONLY membership gives you the exclusive and ultimate experience in concierge and personal assistance services. The time saved by our members is invaluable, but all the complimentary benefits and discounts that our members have access to more than covers the cost of membership.

Key benefits include:


Following an in-depth discussion of your exact requirements, we will create a bespoke package just for you. Imagine never having to think about how you’re going to make something happen.


Time is precious – it’s what life is made of and it shouldn’t be wasted. Because you would rather experience the things you love instead of spending time researching, sourcing and booking them. Your concierge will take care of the time consuming demands, allowing you to regain control of your life and maximise your leisure time.


One phone call or email gives you instant access to a dedicated concierge.


Our resources and experience within the industry will make your dreams become a reality. Working with our preferred partners on a global scale, we have the tools to fulfill any request with exact specifications.


Attend events that others only dream of. With our resources you can experience VIP hospitality anywhere in the world, entrance to the world’s most exciting clubs & nightlife, one-of-a-kind luxury holidays, private catering by top chef and so many other VIP experiences.

Membership gives you exclusive access to all of our services.