Executive & Professional

Men ONLY Concierge provides a unique range of luxury lifestyle services for our members with busy lives who need a range of services to keep their lives in order. We are particularly capable of meeting the needs of busy executives and professionals. We manage all of the mundane, time consuming details of life giving them time and peace of mind to focus on whatever is most important in their lives.

Our executive and professionals services are completely customized. We strive to anticipate their needs and complement every aspect of their lives in addition to getting day to day tasks done. Our team of lifestyle consultants, resident experts, and our ever-expanding network of hand-picked service providers from every industry are our secret tools.

Our network of specialized professionals provides us the capability to do tasks outside the realm of the traditional concierge.

When a transfer across the country or across the world is called for either because of a business opportunity or personal choice, we can handle every detail; locate a new home, arrange for movers, supervise packing, bar code document valuables, supervise unpacking, arrange for care of landscaping, pool, and security needs. We can handle real estate acquisitions, house construction, remodels, interior design, and landscaping.

Traveling a lot? We handle all arrangements for business or personal travel and entertainment needs. From plane tickets to a private jet, we get our members there. Whether they are going on the ultimate “Man-cation” or a business trip, we take care of the entire itinerary; hotel reservations, dinner at the best restaurants, tickets to concerts and sporting events, and cater a private party. Click here to visit our travel section.

Life has a way of taking unexpected turns, whatever the circumstances may be, we can handle it; estate sales, find a health care specialist or get the perfect gift for the forgotten occasion on time. We handle the simplest task to the most complex arrangements with confidentiality, discretion and efficiency.

Busy life? We can create order from the chaos through services that are outside the realm of the traditional concierge. Problem solving is our specialty.