Our members have a active, busy and enjoyable bachelor lifestyles and it can get even better. We can manage all of the mundane, time consuming details of life giving our members back their time and peace of mind to focus on whatever is most important to them. This is luxury at its best.

Want the best experiences? Our services are completely customized. We strive to anticipate our members’ needs and complement every aspect of their life in addition to getting their day to day tasks done. Our team of lifestyle managers, resident experts, and an extensive network of hand-picked service providers from every industry makes it possible for us to handle tasks that are simply outside the realm of the traditional concierge.

For business or personal travel and entertainment needs we handle all the arrangements from plane tickets to a private jet. Whether it is the ultimate “Man-cation” or a business trip, we take care of the entire itinerary; hotel reservations, dinner at the best restaurants, access to the most exciting night clubs, tickets to the most sought after concerts and sporting events, or cater a private party.

Want to look amazing? Our styling experts will do an image make-over or advise, choose and shop for a stunning wardrobe. With the right clothes our members can look amazing no matter the height, weight, age, or figure. We are even able to locate hard to find items, gadgets or fashion accessories that will draw attention and are the true mark of luxury and finesse.

Want more free time? We take care of time consuming, mundane tasks so our members can focus on what is important to them. We can stock up the fridge and pantry, pick up dry cleaning, manage mail and even redesign, organize and style homes. Our services are completely customized.

Want less hassle with dating and relationships? Our reminder service is in place for our members to be reminded of birthdays and other special occasions, find the perfect present, or send flowers, being charming means paying attention to details. Our personal date planning service, customized for bachelors, will ease the planning process.

We are one phone call away. We keep conversations short and to the point, with one call or email our members can have anything they want. We are intuitive and understand what our members want and need. Members enjoy confidentiality, discretion and efficiency.

Want to live life to the fullest? Spend time on the best that life can offer, we are here to help.