About Us

Welcome to Men ONLY Concierge; Montreal’s first ever men’s-only private members concierge.

Men ONLY Concierge is a luxury lifestyle concierge service with an emphasis on providing excellent personal service. We specialise in every travel, leisure and lifestyle need that our members don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to do themselves so they can maximize their free time. Based in Montreal with global coverage.

We help to create time, eliminate stress and give our members peace of mind at the end of the day. Our “can do” concierge service works with great resolve towards completing requests in a timely manner. We have an extensive network of vendors and professionals and we use all of our resources to provide solutions for our members. Members of Men ONLY gain time by not having to find and assess suppliers, retailers or manufacturers when trying to locate a particular product, service or solution to a problem. Employing our services allows our members to get on with what’s important in life while we take care of everything else.

Our members are successful in their careers, but their work schedules are filled with one commitment after the other so they find it difficult to balance both career and home life, making downtime an impossible reality. They are high-powered and have an office or personal assistant and when it comes to their personal life they turn to us.

Our mission is to be an extra support to personal assistants so that their talents can be dedicated to our members’ everyday business needs. We have an established worldwide network for the use of our members and this can only facilitate a PA’s daily work.

Our experience allows us to be intuitive, attentive and cater to our members’ needs. We ensure that each request is carried out with uttermost confidentiality, discretion and efficiency.

This is what makes Men ONLY Concierge unique.